Living places In Vermont. Hidden away on the eastern coast of America, located between New Hampshire and New York, is beautiful Vermont. The state is home to numerous mountains that attract backpackers and families to enjoy the slopes for skiing or snowboarding. Being among the most prominent maple syrup manufacturers in the United States, Agriculture is a major source of employment in Vermont. We’ve evaluated the best cities, towns, and neighborhoods to reside in Vermont according to public schooling, affordable housing, crime rate, Median household income, and population. So, now that you know there’s no need to go around, Here are our top 10 top areas to reside in Vermont.

00:00 – Intro

01:08 – Cornwall

02:05 – Colchester

03:00 – Essex

03:50 – Jericho

04:50 – Williston

05:45 – Montpelier

06:44 – Shelburne

07:30 – South Burlington

08:28 – Charlotte

09:27 – Norwich