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15 Things they don’t tell you about LIVING IN ALASKA


Moving or relocating to Alaska is a big adventure and there are a lot of things you need to know. In this video we are discussing critical information that will help you make the right decision before living in Alaska.
We are covering the following topics, fishing, hunting, homesteading, cabins, law enforcement, taxes, the PFD and working for oil companies.
0:00 Introductions
1:32 #1 Alaska is the Largest State in USA
2:33 #2 Alaska Pays You To Live There
3:37 #3 There are no Taxes in Alaska
4:42 #4 Alaska Pays Off Your School Loans
5:55 #5 Amazing Alaska Job Experiences
7:07 #6 Make a Fortune Working For Oil Companies
8:16 #7 Living in a Cabin in the Woods
9:14 #8 Living Off the Land and Homesteading
10:26 #9 Everyone Carries a Gun in Alaska
11:25 #10 Cannabis is Legal in Alaska
11:55 #11 You Won’t See the Northern Lights
12:59 #12 It’s Light All Summer and Dark All Winter
14:05 #13 It’s Really Hot in Alaska
14:52 #14 There’s Always Earthquakes
15:33 #15 How Alaskans Label People

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